Little Moulsham Lake

Little Moulsham Lake

Little Moulsham LakeLittle Moulsham has been off the portfolio listing for over ten years as a result of implications with access, but last season the water once again opened its gates to the eager few on the small syndicate who want to unlock some of the waters secrets. Famed for its superb Tench stock, Little Moulsham is still producing the goods. Large bags of quality specimen Tench were taken throughout last year by the bailiffs and journalists who fished this beautiful venue on tester days prior to it opening. Stocks consist of roughly 60 Carp ranging from gnarly, old original residents to newer stocked fish up to 30lb plus. There are a few older carp that will push 40lb come the right time of year, with one specimen spotted and estimated at being larger than the biggest of the rest. Grass Carp can also be found at this peaceful venue where they have been resident for over 20 years. One special attribute of this water is the population of specimen Crucians it holds. It is famous for being the venue that Martin Bowler caught his 4lb 9oz specimen worthy of the photo album and magazines.

River Blackwater

The Blackwater, which can also be fished on the ticket, has stocks of the usual river species found in this part of the world with good Chub, Barbel and surprisingly enough, specimen Dace, Roach and Carp being the main species that are fished for. Although not stuffed with fish, this small river continues to throw up surprises for those who wet a line as it burbles towards Yateley.

Little Moulsham Venue Records:

  • Common Carp 35lbs+
  • Mirror Carp 40lbs+
  • Roach 1lb
  • Perch 3lbs
  • Chub 3lbs
  • Pike 10lbs
  • Crucian Carp 4lb 9oz (BR)
  • Grass Carp 43lbs+
  • Barbel 5lbs
  • Bream 9lbs
  • Tench 11lbs
  • Eel 4lbs

Fishing Season runs from 1st April – 31st March each year.

Rod Limits : 2 rods

Bait Boats Allowed : No

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